Sunday, May 15, 2016

viewbug - Photography community.

Viewbug is a website that is useful for both the enthusiastic amateur, and the professional or would-be professional photographer. The different levels of membership, from free to premium gold, mean that users with different interests and requirements can all get a lot out of the site.

All levels of ViewBug membership entitle a user to upload photographs, transfer them from other upload sites such as Flickr, and edit and back up images. It's also possible to watermark images to protect the user's digital copyright. Unlike many similar watermarking options online, Viewbug's is actually easy to use. There are also a selection of editing tools available, which are good, but not comparable to expensive, paid-for software such as Photoshop.

All ViewBug membership levels entitle a user to set categories of who may view an image. This can be the world at large, a specified group of people, or an image can be kept entirely private. Users may set up journals which are groups of images in one of two templates, accompanied by titles and text as desired, 3d slideshows (limited numbers, and for paid memberships only), and albums of their own images.

The only down side to this site is that you have to earn so many points before you can really get into the special invitation areas, but if you keep at it every day then after awhile it stars paying off. has a BugFavorite section to promote and present original material from creative users in order to help attract more views for these users.

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