Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What is the difference between Lightroom and photoshop express?


    is a photo editor, you open an image, edit, save and close.
    It has more tools to edit images, using selection tools,  filters,  layers etc.
    You manage your folders yourself.


    Is a way to organize your library, you start a catalogue and use the program to import your pictures.
    While not to be surpassed the editing toolbox is not as extensive as that of Photoshop.
    Native Raw support, so editing happens in the software, giving a fast workflow.
    Edits are all saved in a sidecar file along with a database,  so everything is non destructive
    When you need your photos outside the program, you need to export  them eg as jpg - because the original is untouched, edits are only visible in Lightroom unless you export them to a new file.

These descriptions can be applied to both the computer programs as their equivalent apps on mobile devices.

The bigger difference is that Photoshop on mobile devices can be used as a standalone app. Lightroom on mobile needs the software on the computer. You then link the app to the library on your computer. On your computer you choose the files you wish to share with the mobile app. You can then see them on your mobile device, and even edit them. The edits you make on either device will be synced to the other.

So the mobile Lightroom app is useless without the software on your computer.

by Jon Waterschoot

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